Factitious Fiction is about exploration... it is about doing just to do. It is staying awake to see if the sun really does start its day in the east. It is sharing your favorite red fire engine, knowing Jimmy's smile is much more valuable than a working siren. And above all it is collaboration. Won't you join me on this expedition? To push the boundaries... just to see how far they can go.

Through a web based collaborative storytelling game that enables the creation of non-linear narratives, Factitious Fiction encourages cooperation as well as creative exploration. The game pushes the common conception of what defines a story, the structure of narrative, and how a story should be read. The application features a unique 2-dimensional grid composed of nine cards in which the players take turns writing short fragments of the story. Challenging the norm that a narrative is sequential, immutable, and monotonic, Factitious Fiction uses a structure inspired by Conway's Game of Life that allows players to move cards and change text.

The game has no end and continues until all the players are satisfied evolving rapidly as players fill in short snippets (140 character limit) of the narrative. The players cooperate to create a coherent story that can potentially be read as any traversal through adjacent (no diagonals) tiles that visits each one exactly once. This places innovative constraints on the story and can transform even the most mundane plots into a fun and creative challenge!

Oct 15, 2011
Tags interfaces, narrative