Scratch Viz

This experimental Scratch extension aims to make data visualization more accessible to a wider audience. More than that however, this extension is an exploration of teaching the abstract and theoretical underpinnings of data visualization through playful experimentation.

It is powered by Vega, a visualization library built on D3.js for creating interactive graphics. To learn more and get started please see: Users Guide and Documentation

All of the code is open source and can be found on Github


Is Scratch Viz right for me? And how might I use it?

There are a number of ways to leverage this extension and it seeks to accomplish the following 4 goals for it's community:

  • Teach kids and novices about DATA, ANALYSIS, and VISUALIZATION by making the abstract concrete.

  • Encourage (and inspire) kids to learn MATH AND SCIENCE concepts through creative exploration.

    See the Math and Science exercises

  • Empower non-technical individuals (designers and artists) with an easy to use, yet flexible tool to create professional data graphics.

    See Saving and Exporting graphics.

  • Provide a rapid prototyping and sketching tool for experienced (technical) data visualization professionals by decreasing the overhead to experiment with a "visual language".

    See Extending Scratch Viz for custom visualizations.