Zipfian Acedemy was acquired by Galvanize in late 2014. The data science program continues to run under the Galvanize brand and has since expanded to all of the Galvanize campuses.

Zipfian Academy is an advanced immersive training program for data scientists and data engineers that teaches the foundations of engineering, statistics, and machine learning. But more than that it is a community of students and instructors, novices and experts, professionals and amateurs who teach each other through shared experiences. And it seeks to advance the field further together than it ever could do alone.

The Program

The course is comprised of 8-weeks of structured curriculum in addition to a 3 week capstone project and culminates in a hiring day where we bring industry partners on-site to get to know our students through presentations and speed interviews. Most of the curriculum is in Python -- with a bit of UNIX fundamentals, SQL, and big data technologies (Hadoop, Spark, AWS) where appropriate -- and focuses on practical applications through case studies and project based exercises.

And the last week is geared towards preparing our students for the job search where we conduct mock interviews, review core concepts, and even have negotiation workshops all in the effort of making sure our students are as prepared as they can be for interviews.

Apr 10, 2013
Tags data science, education